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Digital Real Estate & The New Wealthy

To be clear. The reason I do what I do is because I would rather die than do anything else. Creative and license to move around as you choose is a rare luxury afforded only to the mega wealthy. As a trained Finance student and a passionate disciple of The 4 Hour Work Week, I have focused my creative conscience for more than 3 years to create what I can call a perfect lifestyle. Using a combination of self-taught skill and technology, I have successfully quite my 9-5 job and have been living purely through remote income made online. The common term is “new wealthy”. I like to call us the creative kindred’s of the digital age. Vagabonds with no where to be, infinite free time, and burning passion for what we do. My name is Seth, and this is the story of how I became one of the New Wealthy, using Digital Real Estate.


What is Digital Real Estate?

Digital Real Estate is very similar to regular real estate. The product is space, the value is ownership of it. The difference it’s time and money. Otherwise known as….efficiency. Using the efficiency of technology we can drastically reduce the time to find an investment, the costs incurred in acquiring the new property, and the rate at which we can resell that property. They say renting is the new owning and in Digital Real Estate, I couldn’t agree more. There are likely many methods that someone could make wealth through digital real estate, some of which I may never think of. The few I do know though have worked for me now for 5 months and show no real signs of stopping. In fact, the leverage of having these assets has open my eyes to the overwhelming value that exists for this market. In digital real estate like physical real estate we resell space. Online space is a variable thing. Unlike in real property, there is no limit to how much we can consume. They are always making more, and faster machines. Online, we can leverage both storage and speed to create a real passive income. The first way I’ve done this, is through reselling hosting space for a video game called Minecraft. The full story was posted in Reddit a few weeks and garnered us and few leads off the traffic. If you wish to read the full 5 month detailed write up of exactly how we did Apex Minecraft Hosting you can view the original post on my Company website


The other half of the coin.

The most important part of our new lifestyle is mobility. In order to stay leveraged we must leverage every asset that we have. If we are not using our main asset, then we should take advantage of that sunk cost. Our solution, AirBnb. Currently, we have the fortunate disposition of renting two properties between one couple. This leaves one property vacant 100% of the time. While most people would have canceled the second lease, we chose to leverage it. After all costs are considered my girlfriends loft apartment overlooking downtown St. Pete costs just under $30 a night to rent. Through online platforms like AirBnB we have managed to consistently, between season, rent the apartment at $120 a night. A $90/ night profit over the course of the month will accrue enough to cover no only her rent, but mine and our bills. Truly neutral cost living. In addition, my apartment is rather nice too. Although it costs me more around $45/night it can rake in $150 a night. This is mostly due to the fact that we are an oddity in our area. We lease out an entire apartment instead of just a single room. People really value that privacy. We charge a little higher than the single rooms and we sell out most of the time. It’s like super sizing your stay for a little bit extra. Demand is consistent. Our guest have all been truly outstanding individuals. Some are teachers, other AirBnB landlords, people in tech like us, and even a few politicians. People that have never made us feel uncomfortable. In fact, most often they leave more than they take. Often we find spare beer, wine, gifted gourmet cookies, and more often than not eggs. In the end if we leveraged both apartments at 100% capacity we can bring in just over $5000 a month. Our cumulative costs are just under $3k. That’s a potential $2,000 profit every month off of nothing more than a little cleaning and some creative positioning. Throw in a laptop and the ability to make money online, like Apex and Bairkan, and we are completely mobile and self sustaining wherever we are in the world.

The End Result

Together these two forms of Digital Real Estate have allowed us a lifestyle some only get in their twilight years. Our chosen life path has allowed us to not only meet extremely interesting people, go amazing places, and see amazing things, but most importantly it has freed us to do what we want to do most. Not what we have to do. It’s akin to Rich Dad Poor Dad’s game the Rat Race. The goal is to generate enough passive income to free yourself to do whatever you want in life. That is exactly what we have managed, in an incredibly short period of time, with very little up front costs. It has opened us to the possibilities of repeating our model around the world, teaching others how to balance their lifestyles to generate new wealth, and take back their life to do with it as they choose. The New Wealthy materialistically wealthy, we are wealthy in liberties and passion. Eventually as more people learn of these tactics, and similar methods to it, traditional workplaces will be replaced with co working lounges and remote communication. It already has begun from what we see in our travels. Just remember, although we didn’t know other people could live like this, in the end it seems we aren’t alone. Be bold, and take the leap of faith. Welcome to the 21st century.

It’s an amazing time to be alive.

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